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Published by Aditya Shiv — 05-08-2023 06:05:21 AM

LiveGood continues to impress me week in and week out with
the momentum the business has globally.  Every week since
I joined back on January 4th, 2023 the business had steadily
increased the number of people upgrading each week.  Just
last week alone more than 22,000 new affiliates upgraded!

In the 27 years that I have been involved in the network
marketing industry, I have joined several tangible product
companies and while I was able to refer people into almost
all of them it was difficult to keep people active.

The reason was easy to see and understand.  The only way to
pay 50-60% back to the field in commissions was to jack the
price up on the products the business was selling and in
most of the companies to qualify for commissions affiliated
had to purchase overpriced products and the higher you
ranked it usually meant you had to purchase even more
products to meet the minimum requirements. 

When I saw the LiveGood business model I immediately got
excited because in my mind I thought this might solve the
retention problem that has plagued the product based
residual business all these years.  At LiveGood we market a
low cost $9.95 membership or buyers club for their products.

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We do not make commissions when an affiliate purchases
; we are paid commissions when they pay their $9.95
monthly membership.  This allows LiveGood to sell their
products at prices 70-75% less than traditional network
marketing companies and even lower than most brick and
mortar health and wellness companies.

Plus, affiliates are never required to purchase products. We
purchase products when or if we need them.  That business
model is working because LiveGood is selling a ton of
products not because affiliates have to purchase but because
of their competitive prices.

However, I am in network marketing to earn extra income and
that is my first objective.  When I look at a business I
have a few things I want checked off the list and LiveGood
ticked all of the boxes. I prefer a personal forced matrix,
I want matching commissions and the way LiveGood did the
matching pay blows all matching pay out of the water for
people that rank up.  If you want to make more money in
LiveGood put the work in to get to Gold, Platinum or higher
because it greatly increases your monthly and weekly pay.

I want the business to be affordable because the lower the
price point to join and remain active the more people I can
refer into the business and at $9.95 per month everyone
should be able to afford to join and stay active!

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Some people rail on LiveGood and make fun of the business
because we only earn $0.25 per person in our matrix, but
they have no clue how the matching pay works at LiveGood.
I don't look at the dollar amount a business pays out I look
at the percentage and LiveGood is giving back around 80%.
The last thing I look for in a business is for it to be
global, and with LiveGood accepting credit cards and crypto
we have a global opportunity.

The LiveGood business now has 171,300 affiliates and I
honestly believe they will be above 1,000,000 affiliates
in 1-2 years.  They already have plans to have upwards of
200 products and with a membership business model the larger
they grow the more they can offer as far as reasonably
priced products.

Click Here and take the free LiveGood tour now!

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