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Published by Aditya Shiv — 05-17-2023 05:05:47 AM

The Parable of a Pipeline is a story about creating passive income streams by building pipelines. 

Here's a brief summary of the parable:

There are two men, one who spends his time carrying buckets of water from a nearby stream to his house and the other who spends his time building a pipeline that will transport water to his house. The first man works hard, but his income is limited to the amount of water he can carry. The second man invests time and effort into building a pipeline, which requires upfront costs but has the potential to create a passive income stream.

Over time, the second man's pipeline is completed, and he no longer needs to carry water by hand. Instead, the pipeline transports water directly to his house, allowing him to focus on other activities while still receiving a constant flow of water. The first man, on the other hand, continues to carry water by hand, limiting his income potential.

The parable teaches us the importance of investing time, effort, and resources into creating passive income streams, rather than solely relying on active income. It highlights the power of leverage and the potential for exponential growth through passive income. By building a pipeline, one can create a sustainable and scalable income stream that provides greater financial freedom and flexibility.

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