How to get 1,000's of hot leads on AUTOPILOT

Published by Rodney Trotter — 02-18-2021 03:02:29 AM

Hey it's Rodney,

5iphon is brilliant. And here's why...

Let's say you refer your friend named “Steve.”

..With me so far? Okay good! Lol.

Steve gets his own 5ipho website just like


And when HE starts getting sign ups to his

5ipho site...

YOU “feed” off of him (in a good way, not

in a zombie way).

And that's because YOU get his first 5 signup

As your subs. ...Get it?

So let's say he refers 10 sign ups on average

per day.

That's 50 new hot leads for you.

If he signs up 1,000 people, that's 50,000 new

leads for you…

But for you, they're coming in on total

AUTOPILOT because Bob is doing the


Like I said, brilliant!

That doesn't mean sit on your duff obviously,

lol. You still wanna follow the Action Steps

inside your member area: EXPLODE your results and get as

many action takers “under you” as possible.

So take action and reap the rewards! :)


Take Care,
Rodney Trotter

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