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My name is Rodney Trotter. I am 51 years old and have a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology. I have three wonderful children, two daughters and one son. I spend most of my time, ensuring that they have what they need to thrive into adult hood. One of my biggest hobbies is learning. I plan on attending M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Why do I want to attend? I want to attend, because it is the toughest school in the world and I would love to see if I am up to the challenge. I have another hobby, and that is helping people. I am presently using my connections to bring services to people worldwide. My goal is to uncover the hidden secrets of business and enlighten as many people as I can. Knowledge is power, and the more knowledge we as a group have, the more prosperous we all will become. One of my favorite quotes is “Your brain doesn’t know what it cannot do until you tell it” –Ed Strachar. I believe that no matter what problem arises, that there is a way around it. My goal is that we all look for the solution and not for the excuses.

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Published on 09-02-2023 10:09:11 PM by Rodney Trotter

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Published on 09-02-2023 10:09:53 PM by Rodney Trotter

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Published on 09-02-2023 10:09:27 PM by Rodney Trotter

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Stop Resisting It!

Published on 05-31-2023 09:05:13 PM by Rodney Trotter

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WTF is FF!?

Published on 05-31-2023 09:05:08 PM by Rodney Trotter

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This Can Help Your Struggling Business...

Published on 05-31-2023 09:05:50 PM by Rodney Trotter

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How to Build an Empire from the Ashes of Your Failed Business Venture

Published on 05-31-2023 09:05:11 PM by Rodney Trotter

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Find Out How Ordinary People Just Like You Become Wildly Successful In Their Home Business

Published on 05-31-2023 09:05:19 PM by Rodney Trotter

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Have you seen this? (PRIVATE INVITE)

Published on 04-09-2023 03:04:39 PM by Rodney Trotter

As you probably know, over the past couple of years, traffic has
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If you’re already RICH… don’t read this email

Published on 04-09-2023 03:04:53 PM by Rodney Trotter

There are 3 ways to get rich.

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