22 Home Business Ideas With Low Startup Costs

Published by Tom L — 03-12-2020 09:03:04 AM

Here are 22 home business ideas with low startup costs (12 online ideas and 10 offline ideas). These tips and ideas will help you earn more money quickly.

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Here below are 12 Online Home Business Ideas With Low Startup Costs:

#1. Email marketing (Without your own list or website!)

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to make money online. By having a list of contacts, you can send your subscribers useful information and product recommendations once in a while. The biggest problem people struggle with when it comes to email marketing is how to build an email list that turns into leads and sales down the road.  You can still make money sending emails, but you must use a safe-list such as Herculist Plus. It is not as effective as having your own list, but it does work when used daily. Read this review to learn more about how it works.

#2. Blogging

When searching for business ideas for a stay at home mom or others who have a lot of time and like to write, blogging is one of the best options. You can start a blog about anything you like.

If you have a hobby, then you could start blogging about it, share helpful tips and tricks. You would earn money when someone buys products you recommend. However, blogging is a long-term strategy. You need to write new, interesting and helpful content regularly. Your information will show up in the search engine results when people make a search. This is how you get organic traffic.

Setting up your own blog means that you need to get a domain name, hosting and actually setting up the blog with everything that is involved. You will need to pay a monthly hosting fee and yearly fee for the domain name. Also, it will take several months before you actually start getting significant traffic no matter how much you write unique articles and use social media sites. 

A better option is to instantly start a blog here at LeasedAdSpace.com for less than $10 (a one-time fee). LeasedAdSpace is an established site that gets huge traffic from the search engines. Besides having your own blog, you would also be able to send email solo ads to other members, banner and text link advertising. Every article you write on your LAS-blog will get indexed in the search engines really fast.

#3. Network marketing

Network marketing is one of the best home business ideas with low startup costs. In fact, you can get started with network marketing for free. However, you need to be prepared to do a lot of advertising to build your team. Then, you need to educate your team to do the same as you. This creates duplication that will really boost your income. 

There are many legitimate MLM companies available that provide all the training and support you need for success. It is a great option if you want to work from home without having your own website and are willing to do whatever it takes to become successful. It will definitely take time, effort (and some money) in the beginning to find people who are willing to join your team and start building a huge network. 

#4. Affiliate marketing

One of the most popular home business ideas with low startup costs is definitely affiliate marketing. No matter what you are interested in, there is an affiliate program out there that is willing to pay you a commission every time you sell a product or service to a customer. Most people who are joining affiliate programs, never earn a single cent! This is simply because they are doing it wrong. 

A small percentage of affiliates earn thousands of dollars per month promoting different offers online and it does not seem to matter what the product is. There is a market for everything and if you know the "right process" you will earn a very nice monthly income from affiliate programs. Clickbank is one of the biggest affiliate marketplaces online.

#5. Freelance writing

Freelance writing is another great example for how you can earn extra money from home without spending money. You get paid for every article you write. The easiest way to get started and offer your writing services is to join a digital marketplace such as Fiverr.com. Read this review to learn more about Fiverr and how it works.

#6. Making YouTube videos

Making YouTube videos is a great way to start business idea with low startup costs. All you basically need is a YouTube account, a computer with Internet access, a mobile phone or camera. You can make YouTube videos about anything you like and earn money from advertisements and by recommending products. You can also earn money from YouTube without creating your own videos. Learn more here.

#7. Writing Amazon Kindle eBooks

Writing ebooks is one of the easiest home business ideas with low startup costs. If you have a hobby or something else you know a lot about, you could write an ebook about it. Then, you can sell the ebook on Amazon. Many people earn a lot of money from this strategy. Here is some useful how-to information about writing and selling ebooks on Amazon.

#8. Teaching online classes

Are you good at languages? Teaching languages online is another great example of a home business idea with a low startup cost. You basically need a computer with Internet access and teach using Skype or videos. 

#9. Telemarketing

Companies are outsourcing their marketing efforts more and more. They want to focus on what they are good at. Still, without marketing, there is no business. As a freelance telemarketer, your job is to create new contacts for the company and setup appointments. Here are 10 telemarketing tips for beginners.

#10. Online surveys

One of the best home business ideas with low startup costs is to do online surveys from home. You can work from your laptop and earn up to $30 per hour. No experience needed, you tell the companies what you think about their products before they hit store shelves. Read this article to learn how to get paid for taking surveys.

#11. Flipping websites

Flipping websites can also be a good way to earn extra money from home. You are buying an existing website, improving it and selling it for a profit. This means that you need to know a lot about website development and know how to identify sites that have the potential for improvement. 

#12. Testing websites

Testing websites is another way you can start earning money online, for free. There are at least 17 companies online that will pay you for this. For best results, sign up for as many as possible. Learn more here.

10 Offline Home Business Ideas With Low Startup Costs

#1. Translating

Translating can be a really profitable home business if you are proficient in more than one language. Translators can work from home, there are low startup costs. Companies are willing to pay a minimum of $35,000 per year, depending on the size of the company you are hired by. Another option is to do translating as a freelancer. The best way is to join Fiverr.com. Learn more here.

#2. Taking photos

If you have a camera, you can start taking photos and upload them to a stock photography website. Every time one of your photos is used, you will earn a commission. Taking photos is one of the best ways to earn passive income. The more photos you take and upload, the more you will earn. This guide shows you how to get started.

#3. Sewing

Do you love sewing? If you do, then you could train to become a upholsterer. There is a lot of great information available such as courses and books. You can even watch YouTube "how-to" videos and then practice on old furniture.

#4. Babysitting

Babysitting can earn you a lot of money if you have the right certifications, licenses and work experience. Formal training is usually not required, but it can be very useful to know all the procedures if something would happen.

#5. Bookkeeping

If you are good with numbers, becoming a freelance bookkeeper could be something for you. Depending on where you live, you might not need to be a certified public accountant.

There are many great online payment tools and invoicing tools available, some of the tools are completely free to use. Providing income statements, creating financial reports and balance sheets are some of the services you could offer as a freelance bookkeeper.

#6. Dog walking

Dog walking can be a really profitable home business opportunity. People who have a day job, working from 9 to 5, don´t have time to walk their dogs before leaving for work in the morning. You could also offer other services such as dog training and grooming.

#7. House cleaning

One of the best home business ideas with low startup costs would be to start a house cleaning business. It requires no training at all and it is easy to offer your services.

A few tips: You could offer a discounted price, if the customer provides all the necessary cleaning products. You could charge more if you bring your own cleaning products.

Cleaning can become a full-time job for you when you clean people´s houses and restaurants during the day and shops or offices in the evenings.

#8. Bicycle repair

Starting a bike repair business can also be very profitable. This is a seasonal business, but you could offer storage services in the winter months.

#9. Gardening and lawn care

You can turn lawn mowing and gardening into a profitable home based business. Lawn mowing is limited to the summer time, but gardening can be done round the year. There are different services you can offer such as snow removal, sanding icy driveways, raking and lawn mowing.

#10. Computer trainer

Most young people know how to use a computer, but this is not true when it comes to senior citizens. There is a need for computer training. Lots of seniors want to learn how to use a computer and the internet.

So, if you are proficient in PC, Mac and mobile phones, then you could offer your computer training services. Seniors often want to learn the basics only, such as how to use an internet browser or how to send/receive emails.

More About Finding Home Business Ideas With Low Startup Costs

As you can see, there are many great home business ideas with low startup costs available. Today, almost everyone has a computer with an internet connection at home, this makes it very easy to find small scale business ideas.

All it takes is the right information, tools and support to get started. You will naturally also need a little money to invest. You should also learn about how you can start earning passive income online. 

It is good to remember that there is a market for almost everything you can think of. If you have a lot of knowledge in a specific area or niche, you can most likely use it to earn money.

One of the best tips I can give is to visit discussion boards and forums online. Do a Google search for "forum"+"your niche" and see what comes up. Then join this forum and participate. Notice what forum members talk about, especially what kind of questions and problems they have. This can give you an idea for a highly profitable home business.

Important To Remember!

As you can see, there are many great home business ideas with low start up costs available both online and offline. Earning extra money that helps with the bills is always great.

There is a lot of work involved and it can take some time before you see any real results. This is especially true with online businesses. (You can work for many weeks without seeing any real results.)

Owning a home business does not automatically mean that you become rich and have unlimited free time.

It is very important that you set a realistic goal for your self. How much do you want to earn in 12 months from today? Write down the goal on a piece of paper, place it where you can see it!

Over time, your home business can generate a full-time income for you and your family. To be successful with any business (online or offline), you will need to have good organizational and management skills. You must also be prepared to work towards your goal.

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