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Published by Tom L — 01-27-2022 09:01:56 AM

Are you looking for a free, complete, professional money maker website? If you are, then you might benefit greatly from The Plug-In Profit Site (PIPS).

Personally, I have been a Plug-In Profit Site (PIPS) member since August 2006 and this is a fully honest review of how I have experienced PIPS so far.

This Plug-In Profit site review shares basically everything there is to know, and makes it a lot easier for you to decide if PIPS can be the solution you are looking for. With your own Plug-In Profit site you can start earning 5 income streams from home within the next 24 hours.

Important To Know And Understand:

If you are looking for a legitimate way to earn an online income, then you must understand that it will take some time, effort and also some financial investment to see results.

Please don´t join PIPS unless you are willing to follow simple instructions and work towards your goal. You need to have a small marketing budget (around $125 USD per month) to invest in your new business. 

Your money-making website setup is 100% free, but you need to pay for your domain name (the hosting is free), an auto-responder account and join the 5 affiliate programs (your 5 income streams, more about the income streams below) to earn commissions.

When you start promoting your Plug-In Profit website following the simple instructions, and when people sign up, you will start earning commissions from all the affiliate programs you are a member of. When you do, be sure to invest 50% of your earnings back into your business ( = buy advertising). This is how you can grow your business fast into a full-time income.

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What is The Plug-In Profit Site (PIPS)?

The Plug-In Profit Site (PIPS) is a complete Internet based business "in-a-box". When you join to get your free money-making website setup, you will also get valuable bonuses, such as:

  • The "30 Days to Success" step-by-step action guide that shows you the exact steps and strategies to earn money 24/7/365.
  • A 100% free traffic generating system.
  • Access to a mailing list of over 3,000 people that you can promote any product or program you want.
  • 31 newbie training videos that shows how to in smallest detail how to take full control of your Plug-In Profit site and your new online business.
  • Access to hundreds of places where you can send out emails and start earning commissions within minutes.
  • Complete training and support
  • ...Plus a lot more

You will also get professionally written auto-responder follow-up emails for the next 400 days that you can send to your subscribers. These emails are automatically uploaded in your auto-responder account so you can start sending them out immediately when you get new subscribers to your newsletter.

To be able to use the autoresponder follow-up emails, you need to invest in an AWeber autoresponder account. Your autoresponder is the most important business tool, it is very difficult (if not impossible) to make any money online without one. The AWeber autoresponder costs $19 USD per month and it is well worth the investment, especially when you are getting 400 professionally written follow-up emails uploaded to it. 

(You can also send out other marketing email to your subscribers to earn more money!)

When joining The Plug-In Profit Site, you have the option to sign up for 5 different affiliate programs. Naturally, you should join as many as you can afford when you sign up for your free money-making website. Another option is to only join 1 or 2, then join the rest when you see money coming in.

This is what I did when I started out and it is was the right option for me. It all depends on how much money you can invest in your new Internet business. You will start earning money quickly, and all you really need to do is follow the "30 Days to Success" step-by-step action guide. Just go through it from Day #1 and apply what you learn. The instructions are really simple and easy to follow.

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Who is Stone Evans?

The Plug-In Profit Site (PIPS) is created by Stone Evans, one of the most successful Internet marketers today. Stone used to own a sandwich restaurant in the 1990´s but had big difficulties making ends meet. One day he read a book called "Multiple Streams of Income" by Robert G. Allen. 

This made him try different ways of making money online and thus, the Plug-In Profit site was born in the early 2000´s. Today, Stone earns a full-time income online from the Plug-In Profit Site and teaches thousands of people worldwide how to do it too step-by-step. (All you need to do is follow a simple 30-day training, and take action!)

5 Income Opportunities = Your 5 Automatic Income Streams!

At the time when I am writing this review, there are 5 income opportunities included in the Plug-In Profit Site. Every income opportunity pays out residual monthly income. Your income will grow month after month as more people join PIPS using your unique affiliate link.

#1. Global Domains International (GDI)

GDI is the first income stream in The Plug-In Profit Site. GDI is a domain name registrar and web hosting company that offers the .ws website extension. A domain name and hosting from GDI costs $10 USD per month. There are also other professional business building tools available.

(From GDI, you can also get your domain name for your new Plug-In Profit money-making website!) 

The compensation plan for GDI is based on a simple MLM model. For every active member you refer, you will earn $1 USD. 

Naturally, you should refer as many members as you possibly can, but it is recommended to find at least 5 new members that also are active and start building their business. 

Provided you are a GDI member yourself, you will start getting new customer signups automatically when people request their free money-making websites using your unique affiliate link.

With GDI, you can earn up to 5 levels, like this:

  • Level #1            5  affiliates X $1 USD = $5 per month
  • Level #2           25 (5 x 5)                        $25 per month
  • Level #3          125 (25 x 5)                      $125 per month
  • Level #4          625 (125 x 5)                   $625 per month
  • Level #5          3125 (625 x 5)                  $3125 per month

     Total:                  3905 customers              $3905 per month

With GDI, you can earn an infinity bonus, a duplication bonus and a heavy hitter bonus as well. It is quite simple to start referring new team members just by promoting your unique Plug-In Profit site affiliate link following the training in the "30 Days to Success" step-by-step action guide.

#2. SFI (Strong Future International Marketing Group)

SFI is second income stream in The Plug-In Profit Site. SFI is one of the largest and oldest online affiliate programs. It was established by Gery Carson back in 1998 and over the years it has taught over 20 Million people from almost every country in the world how to earn money on the Internet. Strong Future International is a member of the Better Business Bureau serving Southeast Nebraska.

You can join SFI for free and you will earn an income by promoting different products and services from, SFI´s own online market place (At the moment, there are over 100,000+ different products and services you can promote to earn a commission, plus auctions, games and much more.) 

Also, when you promote your Plug-In Profit site affiliate link and get new SFI members in your team, you will earn a percentage of what they purchase on Those you refer to SFI, will be your customers for life. Your income will grow when you get more members.

The best strategy as a PIPS-member is to focus on building your SFI team, this is how you make big commissions. All you need to do is promote your Plug-In Profit site affiliate link and follow the simple instructions in the "30 Days to Success" step-by-step action guide.

#3. Traffic Authority

Traffic Authority (TA) is the third income stream in The Plug-In Profit site. TA allows you to earn one of the biggest one-time commissions available anywhere. You can earn $1,000+ commissions when you sell website traffic. You will also earn a monthly residual commission when your team members renew their subscriptions of the traffic tools in "Traffic Optimizer" and training videos in "Traffic Academy".

TA is the best place to buy traffic to get new signups for The Plug-In Profit Site. The traffic you receive is highly targeted, people who are looking at your offer are already interested in making money online. Therefore, they are most likely going to request their own money-making website setup. As a result, you will earn a commission.

The traffic you get from Traffic Authority comes from the richest English speaking countries in the world (Tier 1 countries): The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia).

People living in these countries are interested in making money online from home and have also the money to invest in their online businesses.

TA is a full-blown online business opportunity in itself. You can join TA and earn a very nice income from home just selling traffic packages. You earn a percentage of the sales price.

Traffic Authority offers 7 different website traffic packages at the moment:

  • Basic, 170 - 190 clicks ($220 USD)
  • Bronze, 340 - 380 clicks ($440 USD)
  • Silver, 510 - 570 clicks ($660 USD)
  • Gold, 850 - 950 clicks ($1,097 USD)
  • Platinum, 1,700 - 1,900 clicks ($2,197 USD)
  • Titanium, 3,400 - 3,800 clicks ($4,297 USD)
  • Diamond, 8,100 - 8,400 clicks ($8,397 USD)

To earn a commission selling a traffic package, you need to own the traffic package yourself first. In other words, if you want to earn a commission when your team member purchases the "Basic" - package, you need to have purchased the "Basic" - package as well. You only need to purchase a traffic package once in order to qualify to earn commissions on it forever.

The Traffic Authority traffic optimizer tool and training modules costs $47 USD per month, and you must also pay for traffic package you purchase.

By promoting your Plug-In Profit Site affiliate link, using the strategies in the "30 Days to Success" step-by-step action guide, you will refer new TA-members to your team.  You will earn a commission every time your TA team members renew their subscriptions and buy traffic packages. By referring new customers you earn commission that pays for your own monthly fee and traffic packages. If you have a marketing budget, you can get results very fast using Traffic Authority.

Using Traffic Authority is not cheap. There is no problem if you cannot afford to use it yet. The 30-days to success guide contains dozens of free and low-cost marketing methods and strategies that are also very effective, they will also get you results but it will take a little bit longer.

#4. Online Sales Pro

Online Sales Pro (OSP) is the fourth income stream that is included in the Plug-In Profit Site. Online Sales Pro provides you with professional, high-quality landing pages that you can use to promote any business opportunity, including The Plugin-Profit Site. If you decide to join Online Sales Pro, you will get instant access to a back office lead management system that helps you generate fresh leads for your business.

OSP also provides you a custom domain name where you can host your optin landing page. This is great feature that will save you money, because you do not have to purchase a domain name and a hosting account. 

Including in the monthly fee, you will also get complete social media training and support that helps you become a successful online business owner.

The basic Online Sales Pro membership is $37 USD per month. As an affiliate you will earn a 54% monthly commission. When you decide to join this PIPS income stream, you will earn a $20 USD monthly recurring commission from every new member you refer. Again, this is simple to do when you promote your Plug-In Profit site affiliate link and follow the simple directions in the 30-days guide.

#5. BuilderAll

BuilderAll is the fifth income stream that is included in The Plug-In Profit Site. BuilderAll is a complete digital marketing platform that brings together all the important business tools that Internet business owners, affiliate marketers and content producers need in order to run a successful web based business. BuilderAll is also a lucrative affiliate program that pays out thousands of dollars in recurring commissions monthly.

BuilderAll is the fifth income stream in the Plug-In Profit Site. As an affiliate you will earn a 100% commission on your customers first payment and then a monthly 30% commission when your customer renews their subscription. You will also earn a 30% recurring commission on every sale your affiliates bring in. 

PIPS Advertising Co-op - Automate Your Business!

If you want to build a successful online business, but have no time to market, you can join the advertising co-op. For a small monthly fee you will automate your entire business (and wait for the checks to arrive in the mail :))

The Co-op includes:

  • Advertising
  • Auto-blogging
  • Additional services for your money-making website
  • Plus a lot more...

The advertising co-op is perfect for those who have a monthly marketing budget, are looking to make money online quickly, but have no time or experience about online marketing. 

There is a learning curve to online marketing and making money online. The possibility to fully automate your entire Internet business is perhaps the easiest and quickest way to start earning 5 income streams from home.

Support And Help

As a Plug-In Profit site website owner, you can always contact support when needed inside the members area. If you have problems, just create a support ticket and you will get help. They respond usually very quickly.

Final Verdict

I ordered my Plug-In Profit Site in August 2006. The training in the "30 Days to Success" step-by-step action guide helped me learn the basics about Internet marketing and thanks to the training guide I was able to earn my first online commission ever.

A lot has changed since 2006 and the "30 Days to Success" - guide has been updated many times since then. So, if you are looking for a simple "step-by-step" - solution to get your own professional website setup and reliable information about how to really make money online from home, then I can highly recommend the Plug-In Profit Site.

However, you should know that making money online is A REAL BUSINESS!!

You need to invest time in learning and follow the instructions in the "30 Days to Success" step-by-step action guide to see results. Becoming a successful Internet marketer / online business owner means that you must also invest money into your business, it cannot be done for free.

So, in other words, The Plug-In Profit Site works really well, but you need to TAKE ACTION and follow the training in the guide.

I hope my Plug-In Profit Site review shared some insight to how the system works and what costs are involved. This product review is updated when new information becomes available.

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