Facebook Advertising For Small Businesses - Top 20 Tips To Get Results Today

Published by Tom L — 04-07-2022 09:04:23 AM

Facebook advertising for small businesses is as important as it is for larger corporations. Read this article to learn the Top 20 tips for get great results today.

For every great success story I read about Facebook marketing, I hear multiple stories of "Oh, I did try that, but it didn't work out, so I gave up."

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So, does Facebook marketing actually work? Without a doubt, it does - Facebook is the most frequented website on the planet, and being visible can mean a significant increase to your list development and sales.

The trick, though, is to have a game plan for how you intend to grow, brand, and advertise yourself on Facebook. With that in mind, I've compiled this collection of pointers to help you started in the correct way.

Facebook Advertising For Small Businesses - Top 20 Tips To Get Results Today

#1: Make a page. Sounds easy, doesn't it? It is; the issue is that marketers become confused and begin a profile rather than a page. If you want to market your company on Facebook, a profile will not enough. Pages are designed for businesses, and they are far more effective at spreading your message.

#2: Spread the word about your fan page. First, provide the URL to your fan page in your email signature. Every time you send an email, you're giving them another opportunity to visit your Facebook profile.

Next, write a blog post about your fan page. Instead of simply asking your blog readers to like your page, give them at least one compelling reason why they should (bribes work well, but it could be any reason, so long as it resonates with your readers.)

Add a "Like" button to your blog or website. Get the Facebook Like box plugin code. Put this code in the sidebar of your website or blog. More information and the plugin code can be found at https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/page-plugin.

#3. Promote your page on other sites. By commenting on other fan pages with your page's user name, you will receive a visible link to your page with each comment.

#4. Consider purchasing Facebook ads. It's simple, you can spend as little as you like, and you can limit your advertising to those who are likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

#5: Use Twitter to promote your page. First, make your fan page URL the background of your Twitter profile. (Note: Only those who use the web-based version of Twitter will see your background, although this can still be a lot of people.)

Second, spread the word about your page using Twitter. Request that your Twitter followers like your fan page. Again, giving them a compelling reason to like it will raise your response rate.

#6. What are the benefits of becoming a fan? We've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating: Give individuals a compelling reason to become a fan of yours. Perhaps it's to receive discounts or information. Perhaps it's a free video, ebook, or something similar. Just make sure it drives rapid and decisive action.

#7. Add the URL of your Facebook page to YouTube. Do you make videos to promote your company? Then, by all means, provide a link to your fan page URL in your videos, either at the end or at the beginning of the video description.

#8. Make frequent posts. Your fans will forget about you if you neglect your fan page. Post once or twice every day with useful information, updates, and queries. Make it about more than just you and your products. Instead, discuss current events, news, your industry, and so on. And wherever you can, bring a little humor into the mix.

#9. Request that your fans enjoy your work so that it can be shared on their walls. You can't ask all the time, but once in a while is good. When they like your article, it will be seen by more people, which can lead to new fans, which is always a good thing.

#10. While we're on the subject of questions, get your fans involved with your page by beginning debates regarding your products and services or industry news. What is the best method to start a conversation? Simply pose a challenging question that your admirers will find difficult to ignore. If you're at a loss for what to ask, try a fill-in-the-blank inquiry like, "If you could have any job in the world, it would be ."

#11. Avoid becoming a troll's victim. Now that you've begun discussions, remember to maintain a professional demeanor AT ALL TIMES, with no exceptions. It doesn't matter whether you're right if you're regarded as arguing with a fan; what matters is that you lost your cool and look like a real dope. And, if things appear to be getting unpleasant, give the fan a private way to reach you (phone or email, for example).

#12. Forget about the "I" and concentrate on the "WE." Much like writing a sales letter, publishing Facebook updates should be all about "WE" not "I". "We reached 5,000 likes today, thanks everyone!" for example.

#13. Don't forget to include a lot of images and even videos. Written words are fantastic, but movies are much better, and photographs are more likely to be shared. So, in your Facebook communications, use a variety of mediums.

#14. Be grateful. This one requires some time, but it is well worth it. Thank everyone who likes your Facebook page. This will help you stand out from the throng. After all, how many people have ever thanked them personally for a Like? You could be the first to do so.

#15. Unwind. Facebook is not really the place for a suit-and-tie character. Instead, be fun, be casual, be hilarious and make your fan page an entertaining, inviting place to be.

#16. Personalize your page. That big image on your timeline had to be awesome. Spend some time perfecting it so that it successfully communicates the message you want to express to your fans. (For optimum viewing, make it as near to 850 x 315 pixels as possible.) You can also visit Canva.com to find ready-made Facebook templates that you can customize and download. Canva is free to use.)

#17. Keep a record of everything. Understand when people are most interested with your content by using Facebook insights. This way, you'll know when to post for greatest impact.

#18. Encourage people to come back. When visitors visit your page, you may use Facebook Offer Ads to offer them extra benefits. Create new and enticing special deals on a regular basis and inform your followers about them, and you'll get a lot more return visitors.

#19. Keep it brief and to the point. Do you want to attract the greatest attention? Keep your post to no more than 80 characters. Longer posts are browsed, while shorter ones are read.

#20. Pin your articles. I'm not referring to Pinterest here. Instead, you can "pin" a post to the top of your timeline. Use this to highlight something noteworthy, such as a forthcoming event or a fantastic testimonial from a celebrity in your industry.

The most vital piece of advice of all: Get to work now! Nothing will help until you get busy and market your business on Facebook!

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