Paid Solo Ads: 10 Important Things You Must Know About Using Them

Published by Tom L — 05-03-2023 01:05:49 PM

Paid solo advertisements may be one of the simplest and quickest ways to test your marketing funnel, increase your email list, and even generate a quick profit. However, most new Internet marketers are terrified of trying paid solo ads. It's most likely due to...

A: They must build up their funnel, and 

B: They must pay for the solo advertising.

It's terrifying. What if they don't hear back? What if they fumble it? What if they choose the wrong solo ad provider, compose the wrong email, design a non-converting squeeze page, or...

There are a hundred reasons not to utilize sponsored solo advertisements if you look hard enough. However, once you overcome your fear, you may discover that there is no better or faster way to build an Internet marketing business.

Because knowledge tends to trump fear, I'm going to give you some tips to help you make your solo ads successful and even profitable as soon as possible.

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#1. Create a solo ad that specifically targets who you want

You're paying by the click, so the solo ad seller will keep mailing until you obtain the number of clicks you paid for. So don't just write any ad; write one that specifically targets the people you want to reach. In comparison to a less responsive generic list, this produces a higher-quality, more responsive list.

#2. Start monetizing your funnel right now

Don't just use your squeeze page to build a list; soon after the squeeze page, include a sales page for a connected product. Your goal is to generate enough revenue to cover the cost of your mailing.

#3. Add an upsell and a downsell to further monetize your funnel

They did not purchase the product from the sales page. Make a lower offer. They purchased the product. Give them something else to buy as well.

#4. Be 100% consistent to maximize your conversions

If your solo mailing states that they will receive a free video series on the three finest traffic driving strategies, then your squeeze page should state the same. If you alter the subject of your single ad on your squeeze page, your prospects will be confused and will leave without signing up.

#5. Sign them up for your list twice

If they do not sign up on your squeeze page, use an exit popup to get their email address one more time.

Alternate method: Make your main offer in your exit splash. In this manner, even if they do not sign up for your list, they will still see your offer.
Consider your first priority: is it producing money right now or growing your list? Show them the sales page if it's already producing money. If you're trying to build your list, try one more time to collect their email.

#6. Implement an effective follow-up series 

Set up an autoresponder series with many offers in addition to all the valuable information and trust-building material you want to include to further monetize your new list.

#7. Find affiliates for your solo ad funnel

Don't simply create your prospect and client lists; also build your affiliate list. Within your autoresponder sequence, make a request for affiliates. This can be on the first or second email you send. "Greetings from___. You will discover (insert benefits) in the following weeks. Affiliates: If you want to earn commissions, please go to___ for more information and to sign up." Easy.

#8. Send an email daily
Yes, every single day. You want them to become acquainted with you and accustomed to receiving, opening, and reading your emails.

#9. Keep track of everything
You want to know what people are doing, what they are purchasing, and when they are purchasing it within the funnel and autoresponder series. Adjust as needed to make your funnel as profitable as possible. The more money you make, the more money you can spend on single advertisements to expand your list.

Consider this: if you spend $100 to generate 250 clicks and your funnel is optimized to convert at 50%, you're adding 125 individuals to your list every time. That's fantastic if your funnel is further tuned to clear $150 offers, upsells, and downsells.

You get $50 in profit and develop your list every time you spend $100. How many times per day could you do this? You can have as many as you want since you're making money.

Best-case scenario: You have your own items; therefore, when sales are made, 100% of the money is deposited directly into your bank account. And because you are paid quickly, you may reinvest those funds in new mailings right away.

The second-best-case scenario is that you don't have your own products but use an affiliate program that pays you right away. You'll have to work harder on optimizing your funnel to make it successful because you're not making 100% of the business, but it's still feasible. And because you are paid quickly, you may reinvest those funds in new mailings right away.

Worst-case scenario: You're using an affiliate product from a site like ClickBank, where payment takes time. You can still make money and expand your list this way, but the issue is evident. You won't be able to reinvest your income into additional mailings right away.

Even the worst-case scenario is still preferable to doing nothing. And, once you've built your list, consider doing ad swaps with reputable marketers: you email your list for them, they email their list for you, and it costs you nothing.

#10. Only submit good stuff to your list!

Just make certain that their products and reputations make you appear good. You don't want to submit something to your list that will come back to bite you later.

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