Keyword Research - The Beginning Of Earning Money Online

Published by Tom L — 05-11-2023 02:05:19 AM

Keyword research is the beginning of earning money online. In case you were unaware, keywords power the online universe. Looking for something on Google or some other search engine? 

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You just enter the keyword phrase that most closely matches what you're looking for, and voilà!

Want your page to rank higher in search results?

You optimize them for specific keywords, and when searchers enter those keywords, your website appears. very easy, right?

When you determine which keywords you want your website to be found for, you have already won half the battle. It is easier to say than to do.

Keyword research is not a precise science, but rather resembles a dark art. Finding the appropriate keywords for a site requires some detective work, some intuition and some guesswork.

While many commercial keyword tools can provide you with raw data to help you make decisions, you should be aware that they are not 100% accurate and cannot replace the several inches of grey matter in your head!

Utilize the tools to obtain the Raw Data, and then mine the websites of your competitors for their keywords. Then, armed with this wealth of options, make the best decisions based on what you would type into a search box to find your pages. You need to think like a searcher!

Jaaxy is a professional keyword research tool that the majority of Affiliate marketers and online business owners use. It is extremely user-friendly and provides all the data you need to discover profitable keyword phrases.

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