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Published by Tom L — 05-28-2023 04:05:20 AM

Read my Viral Mailer For You review if you want to get more massive targeted traffic to your website without spending any money. You will receive 19 email solo ads just by signing up for free. You can use these ads to promote your offers to other online marketers and business owners. 

Just by active on the site, you can become a PRO member without spending any money at all.

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Viral Mailer For You Review (VMFY):

I've been a member of Viral Mailer For You (VMFY) for over a year now, and I use it daily. My first experience with the "for you" sites was Free Advertising For You [REVIEW], where I first learned about this great mailer, Viral Mailer For You.

VMFY offers a lot of advertising. The main way to advertise on the site is through email solo ads, but you can also place banners on the site.

You can join Viral Mailer For You as a free member and earn a PRO membership for free just by being active on the site. There are lots of ways to earn "Activity Points", The fastest way to learn how to earn points is to watch the "How To Use The Site" video. Using VMFY may seem a bit confusing when getting started. This is why I highly recommend watching the short video before doing anything else!

Advertising using email solo ads:

The best way to get traffic from Viral Mailer For You is to send solo email ads regularly. Just by signing up for free, you will get 19 email solo ads. Members of VMFY are other marketers and online business owners.

I have noticed that different traffic offers work really well. You should always send people to an opt-in page (lead capture page) to build your email list. Sending people directly to an affiliate offer does not work so well. (People need to see your offer several times before they take action.)

The click-through rate of the VMFY email solo ads is amazing! 19% of people who read your email click through to your offer. You will definitely get new leads from this traffic and sales down the road if you have a good offer.

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The URL rotator:

If you upgrade your VMFY account to DIAMOND, you can add your website to the VMFY rotator for 45 days. Your website will be seen by all other members (plus outside advertising) automatically, without you having to do anything else.

Daily "Free Advertising For You" promo code:

"Viral Mailer For You" and "Free Advertising For You" are sister-sites. By being a DIAMOND member at "Viral Mailer for You", you will get a daily promo code for advertising credits at Free Advertising For You [REVIEW]. These credits can be used to purchase advertising.

Downline builder:

At Viral Mailer For You, you can also build your downlines for other popular traffic generation programs like mailers and the best traffic exchanges.

Redeem promo codes:

By joining the mailing list of VMFY, you will get promo codes in your email. You can redeem promo codes for traffic credits that you can use at VMFY. 

Win advertising and money!

If you are an active member at VMFY, you can win advertising credits and money. 

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a free advertising source that delivers highly targeted traffic, then I can recommend "Viral Mailer For You". If you have a small advertising budget, you could upgrade your account to DIAMOND. This way, you will also get access to the URL rotator and the daily FAFY promo code, which will really help you get more traffic to your offers.

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