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I love working online as an affiliate marketer. I also love the Customer Service industry. I have the savvy and the experience and superior communication ability to be an asset to any reliable company looking for excellent customer service. I am looking for a company that values customer relations where I can join a strong team have a positive impact on customer retention and sales. I am always here to help anyone I can and I'm never to busy to lend a helping hand.

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577 Cash Banner Advertising

Published on 06-25-2017 05:06:00 PM by Kathy Griffin

I just discovered a new website that's taking the internet by storm.  It's called 577 Cash Banners.  I recommend this site because it is designed by a 20 year veteran, Marianne Meyers.  We all know that when Marianne puts her heart into a website, it's bound to be a winner.

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Welcome to My Power Ads Pro

Published on 04-15-2017 03:04:27 PM by Kathy Griffin

Hi There,

Welcome to My Power Ads Pro!

It's a brand new site from MT Bofunk
and it's HOT.

They offer a very easy way for all members
to get more traffic without all the fuss or

Whether you need clicks to your squeeze

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EMC's Integrated Viral Advertising System Launches

Published on 04-15-2017 03:04:10 PM by Kathy Griffin


EMC's Integrated Viral Advertising System Launches

EMC - Elite Marketers Club - an Integrated System

1. Provides affordable advertising

2. Provides access to integrated downline

3. Provides access to our home business hub

4. Provides 50000 weekly

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Earn while posting Your Banner to 324 Sites!

Published on 04-15-2017 03:04:06 PM by Kathy Griffin

*** Put Your Banners on THOUSANDS Top Advertising Sites ***

        *** with one click...Automatically - and EARN! ***

For the cost of Two Coffes at Starbux

You can get all this:

    For the cost of 2 large coffees You get a lifetime

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Power Blog And Marketing System

Published on 02-22-2017 07:02:23 PM by Kathy Griffin

Hey Guys,

I recently came across this neat little system called 2 A.M. Traffic  This system is very affordable for most.  It only cost $10 per month. The power of it is so awesome that I just couldn't wait to tell you about it.  Listed below are a few

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Sign Up And Get 4 Free Banners

Published on 02-14-2017 09:02:05 PM by Kathy Griffin

HI ~fname~, 

This is your special invitation to join us at my free banner bus! 

This is a brand new viral banner traffic system! 

Pro members: post 8 lifetime banners just 10

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Ads That Really Work

Published on 02-14-2017 08:02:26 PM by Kathy Griffin

Hi ~fname~,

Want to know the best site to post free ads?

Check out this awesome site I am a member of

called Ads That Work

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Matrix Downline Builder ON FIRE!

Published on 02-14-2017 03:02:19 PM by Kathy Griffin

This Matrix Downline Builder is ON FIRE!

Explode your Four Corners downline!

Set your Leased Ad Space downline on fire!

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Check out this awesome site to post free ads..

Published on 02-14-2017 03:02:34 PM by Kathy Griffin

Hi ~fname~,

Want to know the best site to post free ads?

Check out this awesome site I am a member of


It's free to join and you can start posting ads

right away. The ads I posted recently already

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Get High Quality Traffic Leads

Published on 02-13-2017 07:02:21 AM by Kathy Griffin


I just stumbled across a site which I have been looking for a long time.

As you know, its very hard to get just one sign up from all of your hard efforts.

And admins who share their income with the members of the site are rare.

But, its not impossible. Yes, I

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