Why Should You Join Decide Your Path?

Published by Kathy Griffin — 02-03-2017 12:02:06 AM




We have built one of the best payplans ever seen! 

Better than a cycler - No Need to Wait until you fill a line to get paid! Get Paid on EVERY Downline Member! 

Better than a matrix - Your Earning Potential Increases EVERY level you fill! 

No Attrition as this is a One-Time Payment of just $15! 
But that one-time payment turns into a Monthly Residual Income as well! 

100% Matching Sponsor Bonuses on all your referral earnings! 
Your Income is UNLIMITED! 

Did I mention the products?? 
Awesome Advertising and Personal Development Products! 
Get 1 million combined Banner and Text Ads for your $15! 

Never have to pay anything more than the initial $15 - all future purchases come from our unique Reserve vs Cash Wallet Payout System! Full disclosure on the payout structure! 

Can't close sales? We help with our built in Automated Marketing System! 
Need help getting leads? We offer a Paid Advertising Co-op to help you get your referral links seen! 

DecideYourPath has the potential to be the Top Affiliate Marketing site of 2015!! 
All is needs is YOU! 


Kathy Griffin 

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I love working online as an affiliate marketer. I also love the Customer Service industry. I have the savvy and the experience and superior communication ability to be an asset to any reliable company looking for excellent customer service. I am looking for a company that values customer relations where I can join a strong team have a positive impact on customer retention and sales. I am always here to help anyone I can and I'm never to busy to lend a helping hand.