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Published by Nina ToVue-Abo — 08-20-2017 05:08:12 AM

Hi again friend, if you are like me and enjoy Bitcoins and are keeping up with the Bitcoins


Here's a website that provides a way to collect Bitcoin on a daily basis for FREE!

After you reach the minimum amount required, it will deposit Bitcoin in your Bitcoin wallet.

I am earning Bitcoins, Cha Ching!

You can EARN Free Advertising AND Cold Hard Cash EVERY DAY by performing simple 

tasks just a few minutes a day.

It is the first of Its Kind Traffic Exchange, truly a Revolutionary LEAP Forward in Advertising 

and Income and not only that but you can Earn traffic credits AND revenue share cash DAILY 

merely by spending a few minutes surfing other websites... 


It is the world's first Truly Legal and Sustainable Revenue Share Traffic Exchange purchase 

points from as low as $2.87 to as high as $2,874.47. And yes! There is something for everyone 

and EVERYONE including YOU can benefit from both the little and the big purchases...

What's more? It will pay you for every sale you make regardless of your membership level! 

And by merely surfing a few sites a day you can earn consistent cash that could grow to be 

very sustainable and reliable and is further enhanced by purchasing additional advertising. 

On top of that, it creates Leverage... Every fourth sale you make at each of the purchase price 

points is paid UP to your sponsor or qualifying sponsor -- That means that YOU'LL be receiving 

every fourth sale from each of your direct referrals to infinity width and in some cases that can 

go to infinity depth!

While there are 11 price points, you do NOT have to purchase each package in ascending order. 

Not at all... rather, when you purchase advertising credits at a particular price point you'll 

be able to earn boosted (80%) commissions one level HIGHER plus ALL the lower levels. 

Plus you earn 30% commissions on all remaining packages. 

Furthermore, I like this one ==>RESIDUAL Income... When you purchase an advertising credits 

package you are immediately "Purchase Boost Activated" for 90 days meaning you are now 

positioned to earn up to 80% commissions on that level, one level above and all purchase levels 

below for 90 days. To continue to earning at that purchase level after 90 days, you'll need to purchase 

another advertising credits package. 

This is an incredible opportunity to earn RECURRING Income without the fear and hassle of setting 

up a subscription payment. If you are earning from your efforts (surfing OR referrals) you'll surely want 

to keep referral and, here's the good part, so will YOUR Referrals and "Up" sales!

Another highlight is that You CAN earn as a free member and you CAN earn without referrals.. :))

But WOW, Can you earn and benefit a LOT more as a paid member, who doesn't want more?

You can purchase with PayZa or BitCoin and

Commissions on sales in BitCoin are paid INSTANTLY Via BitCoin

Surfing Rewards are paid every two weeks, also via BitCoin WOOHOO!

Check this NOW and join the fun of earning Bitcoins ==>

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