Hurt and Cant work

Published by Richard Haynes — 05-04-2017 11:05:44 AM

Are you not doing what you was trained to do? Job got you down? Hey there is Richard Haynes, and I was in the same position. I was broke no job, no car, could not do my chosen profession which is truck driving. I now use the information hwy as my source of income and so can u.  The internet is a wealth of information, and there is many Gigs that you can perform if u learn.. There is alot to do I  have chosen to go the information way.  You have survey, which I think they sux.  I have never made alot of money with them. Matter fact, very little.  I use places like this advertising board.  I payed 7 dollars about a year ago and I get free exposure for my advertising. There is many other places for a 1 time fee and can get many a years advertising. Trucking no cant do it no more gov says no d o t card well you dont get to drive a truck no more.  I can still drive a truck easier than it is to stand up all day at mcdonalds.  But that is ok! If you would like more info on how we make it online now you can ck out our home page to start with your very own personal blog. Everybody that follows you into getting there own blog pays the 7 dollars to you from now on pretty cool.  Oh and it is instantly to paypal or bitcoin your choice. Here is the Link

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About Richard Haynes


I have spent my adult life being a truck driver. I have probally driven more than 2 million miles to 3 million in my life. Did I learn anything. Yea probally so, been too many places throughout the country and seen alot of things. Did I make any money, not really. It was more of a hassle for all these years than anything. I asked God for a wife, and I have been married to a wonderful woman for 9 years. We have not made much money but we do have Love for one another. I got hurt at my last trucking job and can not drive a truck no more, So what we have learned to do, is to drive traffic online to our marketing strategys. We use this platform as one of our traffic sites. We hope that we can help as many other folks learn how to make an income online. If we can help let us know.