How to market your Health Based Business.

Published by Christopher Rose — 09-10-2017 05:09:04 AM

How to market your Health Based Business.

There are so many wonder cures on the internet today it is a very necessary question.

So let’s look at some of the  important aspects.

What is the profile of the company you are marketing ?

How long has it been in existence ?

Does it have a unique line of products ?

Does it dominate it’s sector ?

Does it conform to the law’s of the countries it operates in ?

How many countries does it operate in ?

It is obvious that if you want to market a health based business the stronger the profile of that company the stronger your position. How has it been growing over how many years ? Does it pay it’s distributore regularly ? Is there any competition ? Is it a copy cat company mimmicking another company with similar products ?

What about the owners and directors of the company ? To market their products they themselves must have a profile that comes up well under scrutiny.

What is the support like ? Support from your supplier is a major issue these days. Support for the distributors who are marketing the health based business and support for the clients who are buying the products.

Does the company do any research into its products. ? A strong company marketing health based products should have its own laboratory manned by well qualified technicians. Is that the case ?

What about training for its distributors ? Does the company provide regular training to market its products ?  Does it provide complete information about the products for its clients ? What are the ingredients and benefits of the said products ?  What is the return policy of the company ? Does it conform not only to local laws but to the needs of its clients ?

Do you use your own products ?

Some people think they only have to sell.

Some people think once they sell they will then buy the products with their profit.

Today one should be a consumer/distributor.

The only way to know a product is to use it ; if you do not have confidence in it how can you expect others to. This is never more true when marketing health products.

Do you and the company you represent meet all the above criteria ?

What is the company’s relation with Social Media

Does it have a Facebook page ?

Does it have a Twitter account ?

Does it have a Youtube channel ?

Does the company supply printed matter such as brochures and business cards ?

What about incentives ?

Are their special offers ?

One should never be without a business card. Always so useful, even when someone just asks you for your telephone number. Just give them a business card. If you are travelling by train or air brochures are a useful backup. Not to be handed out willy-nilly or stuffed in people’s letter boxes but to be handed to those who are really interested.

About Christopher Rose

I am an expat British citizen who has spent all my adult life abroad in various parts of the world pursuing a number of activities until many years ago finally settling in France mostly for family reasons.

I then became an independent business man. Not really from choice but through the necessity of economic survival. The arrival of internet 20 ago years ago extended my business life indefinitely.

The French have a problem of what to do with an aging retired population. The government is just begining to understand that an aging non retired population is a healthier happier one. At least if they are doing something that pleases them, brings in money and is suited to their needs.

I am already there.

The slogan of the company I work with is « Live Younger Longer ».

If you would like to know more about this company and what it can offer you please click below.

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About Christopher Rose


I am British, 78 years old, and live in France. In fact I’ve spent most of my life abroad somewhere in the world. I work with an American company that helps people to live younger longer. Not a bad idea at my age and also recommended for an ever growing part of the population. They also have an excellent marketing system with a line of products for health, beauty & skin care with which they have led the market in this field for more than 20 years. So every morning when I get up I have something to look forward to. After all somewhere in the world a bottle of our noni is sold every 1.8 seconds. MORINDA: