5 Reasons N🚫T to join the HBA

Published by Richard Weberg — 09-09-2022 09:09:15 PM

Why NOT to join HBA?

Hey my friend,

You may be wondering if the HBA is really as good as we say it is.

You’ve probably heard us talk about how it’s basically a complete business in a box, that you can start earning money from simply and quickly.

You may have heard us say that there is literally nothing else out there like it.

Maybe you’ve seen us posting reviews and testimonials from real people that are crushing it and making more money than they thought possible.

And you might be wondering if it’s worth your time to get involved.

Of course, We’d want to say ‘YES!’ to both of those questions. But, as with anything the HBA isn’t always a good fit for everyone.

So, we thought we’d swing by and give you a few reasons why you SHOULDN’T join.



1. You’re expecting a get-rich-quick scheme

Can you get rich using HBA? Yes, you can. BUT it’s not always quick. We’d love it if it were, but sadly that’s not how this (or anything really) works.

2. You’re not prepared to put in any work

The HBA is simple and easy to use. You don’t need to be a tech expert, you don’t need to have been doing affiliate marketing for years before you get started.


You do need to be prepared to put some work in.

3. You always know best

HBA is a proven system that gives you ‘done for you’ sales copy, email copy, funnels and all that sort of good stuff.

But if you’re the sort of person that always knows best, and who wants to recreate the wheel?

That’s cool, but you probably won’t get the best out of HBA

4. You’re a serial skeptic

Listen, if you're sitting here reading this, you’re right to be a bit skeptical about what we are saying. The internet is 100% littered with bandits that are just out to scam you and line their own pockets. But there has to come a point when you say either:

“I don’t believe these guys” and walk away.


“This is legit, I’m going to give it a try”

What you can’t do is give it a try while still expecting it to turn out to be a scam. Because if you do that? Instead of concentrating on making it work and implementing the things you need to, you’ll constantly be looking for the ‘trick’.

And that will hold you back from doing what needs to be done so that you can have what you want to have.

(There is no ‘trick’ to find anyway).

You’re perfectly content with your life how it is right now

Listen, if you wake up every morning and life is EXACTLY how you want it to be?

5. The HBA isn’t for you.

Because you have no motivation to change anything. And as simple as the HBA is, like I said above, it does require some work to make it pop.

And as you know, work requires motivation.


So, there you have it, the top 5 reasons NOT to join the HBA.

And if ANY of those apply to you?

Then you’d be best to give it a miss.

If, however, you’ve read that list and you’re thinking:

“I DO want to change my life, I’m not expecting a magic bullet, and I’m motivated and prepared to do some work.”

Then come and join us in the HBA right now.

It’s making big money for many others, and it could genuinely be the best decision you ever make.

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