The Matrix is here... Keanu Reeves has joined GLWW & wants to know your decision

Published by Richard Weberg — 04-09-2024 09:04:29 PM

We did everything we could to keep it from happening...

But, the Matrix is here.

The red pill or the blue pill is placed in front of you...

Which will you choose?

Keanu Reeves himself just joined GLWW with us and he wanted to ask you himself in person. Watch this now

(It's crazy the number of celebrities joining this movement)

All we know....Is that it is TIME to make your decision.

And there is NO going back.

Watch Keanu Reeves Important Message now click here

The biggest power players in the world are seeing this and want in.

Will you join us and become free?

The decision is yours.

With our kindest regards,

Jon Weberg     Richard Weberg

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