Great Life Worldwide is Livegood on steroids!

Published by Richard Weberg — 05-16-2024 01:05:56 PM

So if you liked Livegood, you will absolutely LOVE this!

See, Livegood does not pay anyone on product sales, if you sponsor people into Livegood and they buy the products, you get nothing, yes, a BIG FAT ZERO!

In Greatlife, not only does every member get paid off of product sales whether you sponsor the person or not..

People who bring in other members can get paid up to $9 per product purchased..


GreatLife Worldwide Compensation Plan Highlights.

  1. Earn up to $5,323 Monthly matrix commissions – No Sponsoring!
  2. Earn Commissions On All Products!
  3. Unlimited Weekly Fast Start Bonuses ($20 + )!
  4. Earn Unlimited Depth Enrollment Fast Start Bonuses!
  5. Earn Up to $9 Per Person 1 Million Levels Deep! (Unlimited Depth Monthly Coded Bonuses)
  6. Earn Up to $9 Per all Digital and Nutritional Products 1 Million Levels Deep no matter who sponsors them! (Unlimited Depth Monthly Coded Bonuses)
  7. Earn Up to $9 Per Product On Retail Customers!
  8. EARN over 6 FIGURES in the Matrix alone!
  9. 50% Matching Bonuses!
  10. Earn Up to $10,000 Monthly Lifestyle Bonuses!
  11. 2 Monthly Company Wide Revenue Sharing Pools!

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This company is not new, they been in business ten years, and recently relaunched their brand and majorly enhanced their product line and comp plan so they would be worldwide..

They were already a massive success..


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