? JUST LAUNCHED ? Bitcoin Passive Opportunity ? Earn 2.2% Daily - Automated Trading? Done for You?

Published by DeMarcus Davenport — 07-08-2017 08:07:03 PM

Royal Dragon Traders (R.D.T.) is a company that trades in several markets, including crypto-currencies. Member have the opportunity to invest bitcoin package and double in 90 days, 2.2% Daily Earnings.

Double Bitcoin in 90 days !
- Without Recruiting, passive income daily
- Automatic System
- Daily Payment in Bitcoin directly in your bitcoin wallet, no need to request a withdrawal
- Accelerate your gain with binary plan, 5% to 15% commission (Minimum 1 participant in each leg to be qualify)


Passive packages start at only 0.1 btc. This is 100% passive earnings. You just purchase your package and earn. There are NO REFERRING REQUIREMENTS to earn in any of the passive plans.

For people that wish to build you earn earn up to 15% in binary commissions.  Our team will flood your binary leg with new placements! Choose the RIGHT leg option.... we will be pushing it! 

Big Teams are Joining! 

The passive plans are broken into 3 groups. Each group has 3 passive plans.
Each of these plans earns you 2.2% daily. No referring is needed to earn in any of these plans.

Starters Group 
0.1 btc | 0.3 btc | 0.5 btc
5% client bonus
8% binary commissions
2.2% daily passive earnings

Leaders Group 
0.6 btc | 0.8 btc | 0.1 btc
10% client bonus
10% binary commissions
2.2% daily passive earnings

Experts Group 
2 btc | 3 btc | 6 btc
10% client bonus
15% binary commissions
2.2% daily passive earnings 


Royal Dragon Traders has been created as a long term opportunity. It took their developers 8 years to design and refine this automated trading platform they call the 1-4-8 System. This trading platform has been successfully used by 10,400 traders around the world.


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