Introducing a new and never before seen advertising concept…

Published by Tray Robinson — 09-15-2017 09:09:09 AM

Hello Fellow Marketer,

Get ready for something completely different than anything you’ve ever seen before.

For years advertising has required you to send all of your mailings online through the use of a website. Introducing a new and never before seen advertising concept…

** Email Client Sending **

Now you can send your mailings instantly from your mail client without ever having to login to a website again!

No longer will you have to spend large amounts of time logging into other websites, getting stuck in front of multiple offers or any other type of distraction to send out your mailings.

Just simply open up your favorite email client and send a HTML message to their mail server, confirm your mailing and your mailing will instantly be sent out to our growing list of hungry buyers!

It’s just that easy and that’s what makes our system so simple and sexy to use immediately.

Join right now, it’s free to get started and you can send out your mailings right away!


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