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Published by Intars Vitols — 08-14-2018 09:08:15 AM is one of my favorite Bitcoin Faucets. Basically, you can earn up to $200 every hour (24 times a day) for playing their game, and even more if you bet in the Hi/Lo game as well. I rarely bet as I tend to lose more than I win but if you are good at predicting then it would be to your advantage to bet! 

I have not withdrawn my earnings yet but I am earning 4.08% annually, then once I reach 1.0 BTC I will withdraw to my physical wallet.

What I like most is the opportunity to share the website with others and earn referral rewards (BTC) on all 3 ways to earn them in the free play wagering and finally in the daily interest payments earns from my teams annual 4.08% earned interest from letting it sit in their accounts.

The final thing I actually just started using is the browser-based mining that uses my computers CPU and memory to help them mine BitCoins and I earn BTC from leaving my computer turned on and a separate browser left open. (I recommend to set it to 50-70% of your CPU usage as 100% will slow down your computer. 

I am on a Linux system with this website, but when I use a windows based system (I have several PC's) I get a warning from my Windows antivirus saying that coinhive has been blocked! Just add coinhive to your exceptions list and you should be fine there are no viruses as far as I can tell and I have been with going on 2 years. 

I love being able to earn BTC for free and when you start to get a few other people signed up using your referral link your Bitcoins will build a lot quicker.

The only thing that I dislike right now is they just started charging a Transaction fee of 0.00003000 with a Minimum Withdraw of  0.00030000 BTC, in reality, it's no big deal to me.

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