Red Diamond Benefits

Red Diamonds are the Cream of the Crop! And we LOVE giving them the best we have to offer!

Premier Content Placement

All across our site, Red Diamonds receive preferential treatment in terms of where their content is displayed and in what format it appears. As an example, the only way to get your blog posts highlighted on the right side of the AdBoards page is if you're a Red Diamond member. NOBODY else's posts appear in that spot! The homepage is another example where we highlight our Red Diamond Elite members (most active red diamonds) by highlighting them and their content in stunning and bright visual glory!

Never Ending Ads

Red Diamonds send more solo ads, more often. Once every 48 hours! Additionally, their allocation of banner and text ad impression refresh every single month for life with no additional cost. They also post more often for free in the AdBoards without needing to click!

Targeted and Dedicated Advertising

We have a network of advertising sources from all across the internet. We take that advertising, focus it like a laser beam and aim it straight at pages dedicated to highlighting our Red Diamond members and all of their content!

And So Much More!

We're constantly improving things and finding interesting ways to make our Red Diamond members feel the love! Don't wait! Upgrade Today!