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RDE Score: 950

Paula Frye (paulafrye)

Hi everyone. I'm Paula and I work at home.

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11-30-2022 12:11:15 PM

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250,000 Free credits and up to 100% commissions

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02-25-2019 04:02:08 PM

Maryanne Myers Free Advertising with #1 Easy Bitcoin

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12-03-2022 09:12:35 AM

. Marty's Newest - Zap to 12 Mailers at once

. Marty's Newest - Zap to 12 Mailers at once

Just opened! Another awesome site by Marty Petrizza.

Reach thousands of bu,yers super fast.

Grab your F,ree passive a,ds today with

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11-30-2022 11:11:58 AM

250,000 F,ree credits and up to 100% com,missions

250,000 F,ree credits and up to 100% com,missions

Plus over 200 in f,ree a,ds.

Join f,ree and check it out.

Pa,ying up to 100 percent commissions.

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RDE Score: 850

Astro Devar (Astro85)

I'm from Detroit Michigan born and raised. I been doing affiliate marketing for about 2 years and I enjoy helping business owners succeed.

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11-29-2022 11:11:13 PM

The beauty of growth

One of the most beautiful things about encouraging and helping people is to see others evolve into something special. In my journey I've had mentors to guide me the right way.

It's a blessing

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12-02-2022 10:12:12 PM

The ultimate mailer management and builder tool!

Hello Visitor

The masters of cooperatives, Bruce

Bates and Jay Carey, have launched

another new program called Viral

Mailer Payday and it is incredible.


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11-29-2022 08:11:46 PM

The money's in the... uh-oh.

Don't you just hate it?

A schmooroo gives you a

"pearl" of wisdom like

"the money's in the list" but

fails to provide the details.


The money is in the

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Marty Bostick (martbost)

So I guess one of the hardest things to do is write about who you are and what you actually do.

I mean, it sounds easy, but it actually isn’t when you get down to it.

Here goes…

My name is Marty Bostick (Martin when I was in trouble as a kid).

I’ve been a full-time career IT professional in the database management discipline since 1989, but I’ve been a hardcore entrepreneur and Internet Marketer since the mid 90’s.

I currently run a Telegram Group as a Crypto Team Build where I train others on how to earn crypto the right way. You can be part of it as well here:

I’m married with three grown kids and three grandkids.

I’ve probably done just about every facet of IT work that you could possibly think of and my nickname is to most of my friends is “Nerd Herder” ????

I am also an info-product creator with a few successful product launches under my belt now and always working on the next one.

04-28-2022 11:04:35 AM

Earn 50% Commissions on two levels with our advertising platform

When you become an affiliate with our network advertising platform! You will now be able to earn 50% commissions across two levels on all of your referrals that join and resell our banner and text

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08-23-2021 07:08:28 PM

Helium Mining Progress Update August 23rd 2021

Okay folks, today is August 23rd, 2021 and I thought I'd post a new mining progress update on where I'm at now.

Things are starting to settle in and pick up a bit, which is great.

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Christine Pham (Netbusiness)


Aaron Wong (AaronWong24)