Google Giveaway - $500 of the Best Targeted Buyer Traffic For FREE!

Published by C A Williams — 11-11-2022 11:11:52 AM

Google Giveaway - $500 of the Best Targeted Buyer Traffic For FREE!

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We all need traffic right? And preferably the good stuff!

The good stuff being laser focused targeted buyer traffic of the kind the great traffic god Google can provide.

But who can afford it?

Paying tens of $$ per click is well with the budget of big business and corporations but not of ordinary

individuals who are on a fixed income for the most part.

The Opportunity

But when the opportunity of a $500 Ads Credit comes along we can hardly pass it up because it's your and

my opportunity to get some of that good stuff, right?

You will need an Adwords account of course (not hard to do at all) and then you have to think carefully

how best to invest your mini windfall.

Think Outside the Box

Blowing $500 on Google's Adwords is as easy as falling out of bed. But rather than simply spend your

windfall, why not invest it?

An investment brings a return and if you play your cards right you will continue to get a return long after

the $500 is gone.

Invest Your $500 (Don't Just Spend It!)

What I mean is take  or If you are into affiliate marketing you have very

likely heard of these Digital Products Superstores where you sell their products for a generous

percentage of the sale price.

But only choose to sell products that carry a subscription so that you are paid month in month out

just so long as the buyer continues subscribing to the product.

Both of these platforms have plenty of digital products that fit the bill!

But don't forget about software, there are tens of thousands of software products that has a recurring

income attached to the purchase and if the buyer finds them useful they can easily remain subscribers

for years and years which mean that you get paid for years and years! 

My favourite software watering hole is


Traditionally speaking, Google does not like affiliates operating on their platform!

If you make it blatantly obvious that you are an affiliate marketer, you are going to run into


You may well lose your account and your $500 to boot, you have been warned.

Fortunately, there are many affiliates who use Google Ads just the same but it's not obvious

to the Google police that they are in fact affiliate marketers and plenty of videos on Youtube

shows how affiliate marketing on Google should be done without risking Google's wrath!

So does my free 12 page PDF which steps you through the basics of acquiring your $500 and

demos how to use Adwords in a proper fashion in order to avoid trouble!

Click here to download it instantly.


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