There Will Always Be Something To Sign Up To Online However...

Published by Kiesha Michelle F — 01-08-2019 04:01:22 PM

It is up to us as individuals what we want to do, what we are looking for and our own work ethics and not to mention our mental health.

You may wonder why I mention mental health... the reason for mentioning that is because I have ADHD and I know for a fact that for me to focus and keep my concentration is hard! 

I actually have to honestly admit that I have never been able to complete a single task I have started...and I have started many things and thought up many companies in my life...hahaha...had I only had the pull through strength and a focused mind I would be a multi-millionaire now...however I don't...haha...but luckily for me I have enough focus to create online income, and it really only takes me about 1 to 2 hours a day now (with one of my income streams), yeah because contrary to what many people get sucked into believing, it DOES take time and money to build an online business/income!

However, it doesn't have to take as much money as a brick and mortar business because you don't need a physical place nor do you need physical products!

I have found one business that I am putting most of my focus on and it is a business that has been around since 2014 I believe and is the real deal, especially for me and my ADHD brain...LOL, but remember it does take time and money, you will not wake up with hundreds of dollars in your bank account tomorrow, or the day after or the day after that again....without work!!!

If you would like to know what it is - click on the link below

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Hello, I am a woman with ADHD and I take no medications for it due to a stroke I had. However, I won’t give up on my laptop lifestyle! One thing I have learned is, NEVER give up and if the road you are on doesn’t work, change it, just don’t change the destination!! I changed up my about you since things have changed for me. I now work with Beauty & Health, I have just put together a Facebook group for women entrepreneurs who have ADHD/ADD. So if you have ADHD/ADD, please feel free to join, just remember to read the rules and answer the questions asked when you click to join ;)