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RDE Score: 500

Michael Anthony (mikejanthony)

I am an online entrepreneur from the Atlantic City, NJ area who enjoys affiliate marketing, e-commerce, cooking, healthy eating, movies, reading, travel, playing games, investing, and cryptocurrency.


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RDE Score: 600

Ahmed Ali (onlinept)

Hello everyone, my name is Ahmed Ali and I'm a part-time online entrepreneur. After failing miserably during my first 7 years online, including being scammed for thousands of dollars on get rich schemes/e-books/and software‟s, I learned an important lesson summed up by this quote from Napoleon Hill the author of “The Law Of Success” and “Think & Grow Rich”;

“TRULY, "thoughts are things", and powerful things at that, when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and BURNING DESIRE for their translation into riches, or other material objects.”

I pressed on to crack the code of this online marketing thing. And the most important thing that I can tell you right now is “Learn how to generate targeted traffic, how to build your own list, and how to communicate properly with your subscribers in order to convert them to sales ”, because without those three components, you‟re out of the game!

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Ryan Hauser (RyanHauser)


Jacques Jaime James (Taims)


I am the owner and founder of The Tandem Advantage of Internet Marketing Science Inc (TAIMS). We are a one of a kind online success center. Our students, from all over the world and from all walks of life, enjoy unprecedented success and, some for the first time, achieve the kind of results they could only dream of before.

If you’ve always wished there was a way to make money from home but didn’t think you had the experience to actually do it… get ready to start believing.
Discover the breakthrough business that builds income without any special skills, knowledge, or know-how, whatsoever.

Much More Than Just an Opportunity. This is the Vehicle That Puts it Right Within Your Grasp!


Jacques Jaime James


Doug Ravish (cchhome)


Dawn Cassin (Cruella1)


Doug Willey (egws4me)


Joseph Ortega (WealthBuilder)

Hello everyone, My name is Joseph Ortega. I am a married man of faith with two children whom are the source of my inspiration.

I have been doing business since 1999 when I started out selling Real Estate as a young man in one of the most competitive places in the world for real estate the San Fernando Valley in California. I then started my own IT business in 2008 which I solved technology challenges for individuals and businesses. I started this business out of desperation because of bad business decisions I made in real estate. Around the same time I got involved with several multi-level marketing (MLM) companies as well as working as a salesman in various retail operations. All of my education and experience in sales, marketing, real estate has given me a strong desire to switch my efforts to internet marketing which broadened my ability to earn from just a local economy to a having the ability to earn from a world wide economy. I figured the time was right because of the maturing of the internet itself and the invention of digital currency like Bitcoin which made a world wide business possible for an average Joe.

My desire to have more time for what is most important to me which is family, spirituality and friends I have turned to marketing online. Marketing online to me is a much more rewarding way to earn money in modern times than traditional businesses or jobs. It took me many years of frustration with traditional methods of earning money that had me frustrated pulling my hair out. No more spending hours of my day in traffic, waiting for customers to come, or helping other people build their dreams. I've enjoyed my online marketing business very much and so does my family. If you have had the feelings I had you are not alone there is a solution.


Gloria Moore (gmoore1)

The collapse of the housing industry in 2008 was a wakeup call for a lot of people. Not only did I lose my job I lost my belief in the American Dream. Internet Marketing has allowed me to create a future that gives me a lot more control about when I work and more importantly to me, allows me to help others design a better path for their lives.


Michael Rupp (mrupp2006)


Ontarian Hawkins (relyonhim77)

My name is Ontarian Hawkins.

The Early Years

I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My journey into entrepreneurship began somewhere in the early 2000’s. I first came across being your own boss and working on the internet in my early 20’s. I was a college student at the University of Tulsa doing some homework on the computer.

I remember sitting there thinking to myself, ‘Do people really earn money online? If so, how do I do that?’As a college student, I did ok with my grades. But my life as a child and the memories of struggle were still present. I can clearly remember being a child and asking for a candy bar in the grocery check out lane.

Childhood Struggles Opened My Eyes to Desiring Financial Freedom

She used to carry a yellow envelope in her purse, with the money she had budgeted for groceries and bills. I can remember her pulling out the envelope slowly, with hesitation to pay for things. Even though she never said a word, the anxiety in her body language and face made it very clear to me that there wasn’t enough.

Seeing my mother struggle to buy groceries and pay bills when I was a child planted a seed so DEEP in me, I decided I was going to do something different when I was older.

Dropping out of College to Pursue True Freedom

I dropped out of college because I didn’t see the point in following the ‘success blueprint’ that had been taught to me. You know, the American Dream- Go to college, get good grades and get a job in corporate America, building someone else’s dream. That didn’t appeal to me. I settled into a regular job, but I knew there was something more out there for me.
After looking around I joined a Network Marketing business in 2008.

I wanted success, so I followed their blueprint. I made my list of friends and family. I attended the hotel meetings. I called, chased, and hunted everyone I knew. Why? Because that’s what I was told to do. If you’ve ever been involved with a Network Marketing company maybe you can relate.

Needless to say, it didn’t go very well for me. I did make a little bit of money, but nothing substantial. I couldn’t get any duplication going.

Network Marketing Failure Kept me Struggling

So I quit and moved onto another company. And another, and another. The first 3 years I spent a lot of money on starting new business ventures, only to end up failing. They all presented the same problem: nobody was able to duplicate and as a result they dropped out. It seemed like this was a good plan for a few but was too difficult for the other 97%. By this time my friends & family were tired of hearing about the latest and greatest business deal I was in.

I knew there was a piece or two missing, but I wasn’t ready to give up. I needed some change in my life, so I got my CDL license and drove a truck all over the country. During this time, I focused on learning as much about marketing as I could. The psychology behind it, how to identify your target market, funnels, capture pages…you name it. Then I joined a group focused on mindset and marketing, and that’s when things started to change for me. Through this group I met my mentors Diane Hochman and Joe Schroeder.

My Attraction Marketing Breakthrough

I took a break from actively marketing a business, and learned how to attract business. That was an important mindset shift.
Instead of hunting for prospects, I delved in deep to learn how to become the hunted.

About a year into driving a truck, I was itching to get off the road. I missed my family and friends. I only had one day a week off and worked very long days. I took a job back home with the intention of freeing up more of my evening time and planning my financial freedom.

For the next year, I worked tirelessly on my plan, soaking up every piece of information I could on how to create a passive income online. And I did it. I freed myself from the chains of bondage. Now, I am here to show you how to do the same if you are willing to make a few mistakes and commit to your freedom.

My purpose for Creating this Website is to share what I have learned in my trials so you can implement only what works.
You deserve financial and time freedom and to live the BLESSED Live You Deserve!

Let's connect!

Ontarian Hawkins


elton henriquez (eltong)

hy there im electrician
im a bird breader
i have like 60 difrent birds