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I too, am an online marketer, testing
various advertising methods.

I've been online from 2007,
observing the many changes
that have taken place over the years.

I click, I write content, I design and
create web pages, and I promote
affiliate products and services online ... !

Then I click ... once more, twice more,
as often as I need to.

You wouldn't know what's in it for
you until you click!


Well, I have posted a couple of
interesting videos on this page.

They have nothing to do
with money making on the Internet
or making money elsewhere!

["idiot" - "He's Wasting Valuable
Advertising Space!"]

Huh? That's what you think!
But I think otherwise!
I really do.

Well, one of the videos is dedicated
to all those online marketers who
arrange a few thousands of hits to
their referral URLs and when the
"expected results" don't materialize,
exclaim "Oh This Thing Does
Not Work At All! ... It's A Waste Of
Time! ... "

The other is dedicated to all
those online entrepreneurs
who spend much time online
learning, and testing new
methods en route to cracking
the code!

It'll be easy to figure out which
one is for which type of marketer.

So take a break guys ....
Online explorers ...
Enable sound on your
speakers / headphones ...

Stay tuned for more!


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