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First off..I want to thank you for visiting my website and tell you a little about me. I am a husband and a father of four children. I have spent my professional career working in a variety of industries such as: Retail, Technology, and Financial Services. The time spent in corporate America helped me understand two very important things. As long as someone else signed my paycheck: 1) I would never be paid what I was worth. 2) I would never have true security. I did not want to continue to live with all the stress and uncertainty anymore. Plus I just wanted to be able to get ahead and pay some bills off. If you are like me there are few freedom types that seem to always be in the back of our minds… *More Time *More Money *Sense of Purpose I am blessed to say that every single day I wake up doing something that I truly love. I have a sense of purpose because I am helping others change their lives for the better, too. Looking forward to helping you reach your goals and getting to know you better. Cheers, Don Robinson "Paving The Way For Your Success"

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Sunday collection plates getting low but parishioners getting paid.

Published on 03-11-2018 10:03:18 PM by Donald Robinson

Who knew you could sell to your congregation in

My wife attended Sunday service with her parents
but why..

...maybe because she felt the need for some
spiritual guidance or ask for strength from the

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Why Motivation Friday

Published on 02-09-2018 09:02:02 PM by Donald Robinson

Before getting the kids ready for school, I wanted
to share little motivation...

TGIF "Thank goodness it's Friday"

Do you know your why?

Comedian Michael

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Published on 02-08-2018 11:02:39 PM by Donald Robinson

What does it mean?

Is it a bible scripture?


Is it your alarm telling you that your job is

waiting for you?


Is it a child crying?


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Paid to get high

Published on 02-08-2018 11:02:51 PM by Donald Robinson

Couple days ago one of my buddies posted an update

on social media about whether or not he was the

solution to a problem or enabling the problem.

It was crazy how much he was beating himself up

over this.

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Fear It Clown

Published on 02-08-2018 11:02:11 PM by Donald Robinson

And no I am not calling anyone a clown but talking

about the fears I have had or should say still

have of clowns.

Something creepy about them to me subconsciously.

Could be movies like Poltergeist with the clown in

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Your Attitude Sucks

Published on 02-08-2018 11:02:38 PM by Donald Robinson

Attitude defines a lot in our lives.

Whether it be at work

At school / children's school

With family

And you know you have those relatives that just

shine with attitude.

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Copy and paste because I said so...

Published on 02-08-2018 11:02:33 PM by Donald Robinson

There was a movie released back in 2000 called

Finding Forrester. One particular scene comes to

mine when a well known writer, character played by

Sean Connery where he tells a young student

athlete / writer to use his words to start

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Bow Before Thee Slime

Published on 02-08-2018 11:02:38 PM by Donald Robinson

You can't do that on television. Maybe you are..

Too young

Too old

Or don't care

to remember the 1980s Nickelodeon show of kids

getting covered, smothered, chunked in green


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When it rains it pours, she says ...

Published on 02-08-2018 11:02:11 PM by Donald Robinson

Nope I am not talking about mother nature but the


This year everyone has been getting hit hard with

the Flu and it's been making national news...

Once you start getting those virus injections you

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We Should Listen to Government Shutdown, Paycheck Collecting Officials. They are Exactly Right.

Published on 02-08-2018 11:02:26 PM by Donald Robinson

Believe it or not government shutdown affects

everyone.The effects impact friends and family.

The person or organization you don't even know

about could be at risk...


Risk of not getting a paid

Risk of being

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