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RDE Score: 1100

Marius Stander (stanleyz80)

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RDE Score: 1850

Michael Anthony (mikejanthony)

I am an online entrepreneur from the Atlantic City, NJ area who enjoys affiliate marketing, e-commerce, cooking, healthy eating, movies, reading, travel, playing games, investing, and cryptocurrency.


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08-07-2022 08:08:28 AM

Beware the 98% and Join the 2%

WARNING: The following takes great courage and not everyone will make

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08-08-2022 09:08:33 AM

Beware the 5 Horsemen of Online Marketing

Have you been visited by the 5 horsemen of online marketing? Most of us have.

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Gary Chappelle (jobslayers)

After years in the corporate rat race, my wife Deb and I made the tough choice to chunk it all for the dream of earning a living online. It wasn’t always easy, especially when we first started out, but we learned that we didn’t really have a “Plan B”. We HAD to make it work.

Today we have a thriving online business that allows us to do what we want to do, when we want to do it, and with whom we choose to do it. We especially love to travel and interact with other like-minded individuals who have their own dreams. We call our “Tribe” of online friends “The Job Slayers” because that’s our mission in life.

05-07-2017 04:05:06 PM

This System Gives You Free PAID Signups!


...I've been in this business a long time...going on 9 years now.

And one of the things I've learned is that one of the hardest things for people to do to build their

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01-26-2017 08:01:09 AM

How to Properly Use Traffic Exchanges to Build An Empire

I have been building a successful income online since 2008 when I quit my corporate

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Audrey Sorg (Audreysorg)

I am a former ballet dancer. I am 56 years old. I have been online for the past 5 years. I feel that online marketing has given me an outlet for my creativity, that my dancing used to fill. I like so many others have spent a small fortune while trying to make money online. I have since learned that there are no "Get Rich Quick" or "Push Button" riches on the internet. Currently I am working on my "Writing Skills". I have found out this is "Thee" most important skill you can have. Your Eight Steps is my favorite program it just makes sense.

01-26-2017 08:01:26 AM

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Kenny Kolijn (Kenny)

Social Worker and Internet Marketer interested in online business and entrepreneurship.

If you need help with traffic and lead generation, email marketing and online advertising, get in touch. It's my passion and I'd like to help others grow their online business.

Also check out these sites for FREE advertising (if you want traffic to your site):

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01-26-2017 05:01:28 AM

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01-26-2017 05:01:19 AM

List Impact - Get Traffic To YOUR Website Fast

Want REAL traffic to your website?

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Niranjan Ranade (anantshakti)

As a full-time Affiliate Marketer, I recommend products & services that help "Online Business Opportunity Seekers" build real and growing income :)

08-09-2022 07:08:24 AM

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08-07-2022 09:08:38 AM

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Brent Sissel (amcs)

My day job is doing contract labor for a goat dairy. Bet you don't read that every day on someone's profile. Anyway, I love animals and I get paid to stay in shape so it is the perfect job for me.

The online world is where I get to meet interesting people from all over the world in search of the same thing as I am.

08-23-2019 01:08:03 PM

Business For $1 Dollar

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03-05-2019 05:03:56 PM

DAC Independant Agent


Brian Davis (briandavis)

A little about me. I'm retired Navy, served 25 years and retired as a Senior Chief. ABFCS to be exact.

Married 27 short years to my beautiful wife, the former Stella Dublin from Letye Philippines. As you can clearly see I married up. We have two grown sons, Justin 23 and Jonathan 22.

I had seen leasedadspace being promoted but didn't really pay it much mind. Reason being, is I thought the results of a $7 solo ad from leasedadspace wouldn't bring much results.

I was wrong. The first solo I sent out already resulted in 89 opens and 53 clicks. That is insane. I didn't setup conversion tracking with leasedadspace solo but from the best I can tell I've gotten 13 leads so far. Again that is unheard of for $7.

If you haven't bought your $7 package. Grab it now.

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Brian Davis

08-27-2018 04:08:07 AM

Off the cuff 25 Dollar 1up review

Hey it's Brian Davis here. I did a quick off the cuff video review of 25dollar1up.  As I mentioned in the video, 25dollar1up provides you with pre-built lead capture pages and landing pages to

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12-02-2017 06:12:52 PM

Advertise To Millions.

Brian Davis' Advertise To Millions Link is here =>

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Malcolm Keith (malk)

Hello there!

In 20 years online, I have lost count of the number of online programs I have been in that never made it through the year.

The internet is awash with schemes to relieve you of your money with enticing promises and no chance of seeing them come to fruition..

I am now in a win-win situation thanks to a diversity of business types in my portfolio where I leverage other peoples professional skills to make my money return a profit to me passively.

Go for assets that return an income over and over - preferably passively.

I don't go to work, have no mortgage or debts, and get a good income to enjoy life..

Rule your own empire - don't be a slave in someone else's ....

All the best, Malcolm


Francois Kok (fksa)

Who am I?

Just a regular guy who likes to interact with others on lead generation, marketing, promoting and the fun side of the business.

Looking to always improve my outlook on life and help others achieve the success that having a mindset for personal growth.

As a master in the art of living, I draw no sharp distinctions between my work and play, my labour, my mind, my education and my recreation.

Anyways just wanted to connect

Currently, I am Living in South Africa on the western side of one of the major cities called Johannesburg in a town called Krugersdorp.

"Seeker of Peace - Legend in His Own Time World Traveler, Casual Hero, Soldier of Fortune, Philosopher, Wars Fought, Tigers Tamed, Uprisings Quelled.


08-08-2022 09:08:31 AM

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08-06-2022 02:08:40 AM

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Aidan made 234.00 by mailing a W+ offer to the leads we supply him

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Raine Kim (JoinRaine)

My name is Raine Kim and I live in SW Ontario.

I'm a single parent, went through a horrific divorce and started to look for extra ways to earn money online. I went through the ups and downs of the RevShare vs Paypal wars. I was making money online and lost it. Easy come, Easy GO!

I was lucky enough to come across strong leadership with a solid plan that allowed me to ReFOCUS and ReBuild. Now, I am earning online again and it is steadily growing. I tell you this because I can show you exactly how to do the same and FAST!!

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What would extra income daily do for your business and life?

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Then look out for my email.

Peace, Love and Prosperity,

Raine :)

01-18-2017 02:01:06 PM

WTF Wednesday... From My Blog

Leased Ad Space Strategy…


Here’s the thing, you can make extra money working online… I am on a mission where at some point, I want to replace my income


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Lorraine Malley (sapphire09)

Hi and wecome to my profile!
I am married with 2 grown daughters and have 5 grandchildren. I am a retired Caregiver which has been a very rewarding experience for me as I enjoy helping people. I have been online for 9 years now and like many, have had my ups and downs but I am determined to push forward. I enjoy meeting people from all over the world and wish you all the best in your online endeavors:)

01-22-2017 04:01:46 PM

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