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RDE Score: 1000

Marius Stander (stanleyz80)

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RDE Score: 750

Ahmed Ali (onlinept)

Hello everyone, my name is Ahmed Ali and I'm a part-time online entrepreneur. After failing miserably during my first 7 years online, including being scammed for thousands of dollars on get rich schemes/e-books/and software‟s, I learned an important lesson summed up by this quote from Napoleon Hill the author of “The Law Of Success” and “Think & Grow Rich”;

“TRULY, "thoughts are things", and powerful things at that, when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and BURNING DESIRE for their translation into riches, or other material objects.”

I pressed on to crack the code of this online marketing thing. And the most important thing that I can tell you right now is “Learn how to generate targeted traffic, how to build your own list, and how to communicate properly with your subscribers in order to convert them to sales ”, because without those three components, you‟re out of the game!

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Frank Bauer (add2it)

See: :)

01-28-2021 12:01:30 PM

Share Memes... Get Paid!

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09-10-2020 12:09:58 AM

How to instant receive Tron on 8 levels...

After being stranded 6 months in Norway, Rune Fjortoft finally made it back home to his wife... and got creative right away. ?

You might remember his Instant Bitcoin Profits site from

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Paulo Correia (pcorreia)

I am Portuguese and I live on Madeira island!
Professionally I am a mountain guide
As well as contact with nature what pleases me most is to make money online and develop contact with other people and thus share my success !!
Always work in teams!!

07-17-2020 04:07:25 PM


Hello business comrades..

Paulo here...

If you are looking for good business oportunities.. You're in

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06-19-2020 04:06:58 PM


How You Can Generate $1000 's ...

Online With This Simple 3-Step System


How to

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Clinton Clark (microcap)

Enthusiastic Network Marketer with a background in Financial Planning, Venture Capital, Stock and Crypto Trading, Real Estate and, of course Network Marketing.

I am the co-founder for a number of Ad-Income network marketing programs and take a lot of proud helping my teams to succeed.

It truly is possible to earn a part time or even full time income in the network marketing world but it has to be approached as a business, not a hobby.

My strategies show people how to build an ever growing, funded advertising portfolio that can not only provide you massive amounts of exposure but can create a solid passive and active income for you.

My success is derived from the success of my team and I strive to provide the leadership and simple steps for us all to succeed.

I'm a healthy, happy Baby Boomer who is proud "Poppa" to a beautiful granddaughter, her Mom (my daughter) and her Dad (my fantastic son-in-law). Yep, I'm a lucky guy!
There are turbulent financial, economic and political times ahead of us. You can prepare best by building your own income and security and not rely on big companies or the government.

And, always, ALWAYS remember, it's #neverevertoolate to make the changes and improvements in your life that you've always wanted to act upon. NEVER too Late!

Let's Talk!

03-04-2021 10:03:07 PM

This is a Test Blog Post

You can see how this works. 

Blog interesting information, thoughts and insight to build rapport with your
new and existing audience.
Remember, too, that all pages on LAS are

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Curtis Futch (cfutchwater)

Hey Curt here

with the Tip of the day :)

I love my Family ... People and God.

I Enjoy working with people and sharing new ideas.

Profit are better than wages ...
Wages will make you a living and Profits will make you a Fortune.

What’s keeping you from being Rich?
In most cases it’s simply a lack of belief.
In order to become rich, you must believe
you can do it, and you must take the actions
necessary to achieve your goal.” – Suze Orman

... Here's to Your Success, Curtis Futch

12-17-2023 11:12:32 AM

What the Banks don't want you to Know!

Hey Curt Here :)

Our partners at Credit Suite recently surveyed
a number of their clients and users and one
of the most difficult parts about

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12-17-2023 10:12:57 AM

Get Business Credit Fast

Hey Curt here :)

Our partners at Credit Suite are hosting a webinar on
 7 vendors that your business can get right now
to start building business credit! Business credit is

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Terry Allison (terryallison)

I am Terry Allison. I have been happily married over half my life now! What a scream! It has been a blessing with two wonderful boys! My wife and I are very proud of both of our boys!

Right after high school, I answered some junk mail and wound-up going to a computer programming school. I only mention that to say that I have been in computers for a very long time, so computers are nothing new to me, but as with computers there are always things to learn as technology is always changing.

I am a life-long learner. What I mean by that is that I always try to learn something. I felt the call into pastoral ministry for seven years before going to seminary and receiving a Masters of Divinity and a Masters of Arts in Counseling. Although I have not returned to pastoral ministry, I use what I learned in seminary to help others. It was while I was going to seminary that I learned about marketing online.

I have been marketing online, since 2004. I have seen a lot of things come and go in this industry. And just like computer with technology changing, there is always something to learn. I definitely learned a lot with opening two traffic exchanges SurfAholics TE and Wall Street TE, and you have an open invitation to join us at either one or both!

12-14-2019 04:12:15 PM

This Now LifeStyle

This Now LifeStyle

Exercise Can Act As A Memory Booster.

Doctors are working to determine the benefits of exercise regiments benefits in improving cognition and reducing normal memory

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12-11-2019 04:12:02 PM

This Now LifeStyle

This Now LifeStyle

Childhood Obesity And How To Combat It!

With the increase in fast foods, plus the increase in electronics and the cyber world, childhood obesity has become

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Adam Harris (Trafficwarrior)

Hey thanks for visiting me, before LAS and joining Richard Weberg I was struggling to make money online . I am so grateful to Richard for creating and explaining step by step how to create a income online as you can imagine how much nonsense is out there. I am blessed with 4 kids and very happy in my life.

People say you have to have the belief and you have to have the right mindset to succeed which is true, but I would like to add to that, that without the right coach or mentor to guide you through the difficult times you will not succeed. The one piece of the puzzle for me was the right coach and if that is the same for me then I would recommend you join me and I will help and guide you through just like Richard Weberg did for me!.

If you want to succeed in the online world then you need a PROVEN business model.

1) A Funnel that converts like crazy.
2) Traffic that converts like crazy too.
3) Right Tracking in place.


If you have any questions hit me up on skype: live:adam.harris.successnow.

Anyway this is not about me it's about YOU.

If you are a action taker and finally want success then hit me up on skype and we can have a chat to see what obstacles are in your way and help you overcome those obstacles.

Remember if you are reading this then there are no more EXCUSES for YOU!

Look forward to be working with you.

10-23-2019 09:10:44 AM

My Top 3 Recommendations to make money online

Hey All

Hope all is well, If you are looking to make money online then you really need 

1) Amazing Tracking platform I recommend

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Robert Smith (rdsmithco)

Hello Friend, My name is Robert David Smith and I live near BRANSON, Mo I am sixty-six years young July 4th and yes, a fire-cracker baby, LOL... Leased Ad Space is at the cutting edge of positive changes to introduce the New Rising WAVE of Ad Blogs...SOLOs here also become SEO indexed as a blog post SOLO Ad-Blog POST and MORE to come... For example >>> Keep your eyes moving and your mind open... * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * In 2007 I began to search for a way to make income from the internet. I discovered that safe-list mailers were a very good way to contact like-minded folks without spamming. Recently... I have used viral safe-list mailers primarily for my promotions and I AM adept at most all aspects of advertising, so contact me if you are stuck. I can help you or I probably know someone in this industry that can I have been there and understand the challenges, frustrations and disappointments. Do not give up, contact me because I can help and equip ya ... In what ways can I help you? Do you need help or wanna learn about any of these? G Mail set-up , Password managers ,Ad copy, subject lines and signature , HTML , Tracking , Pay-pal and other currency vendors, CTR % (Click-Thru-Rate Per-Cent) , Email marketing , Down-line building and equipping your team, List Building and follow-up , Auto Responder Email Marketing Services, Automation services videos and soft-wares for..., Video creation, curating, editing and distribution GRAPHICS Auto-Log-In with password vault Down-line Builders Viewing Maximum Websites efficiently Acquiring points, tokens, credits etc, Sending hundreds of mailings semi or fully automated, Prospect follow-up tools Blogging Word Press SCREENSHOTS Plug-ins and add ons Copy writing Copy writing using P L R P L R (Printed Label Rights) Product Creation VIDEO Program Launches (private insider info) JV-Launch-Affiliate (how to make the leader-board) ... What was I doing/working on (2016)? I am a Founder here at Leased-Ad-Space for a couple reasons: (1) I trust co-owner Richard Weberg and his vision to take marketing blogging advertising to the next level(s) (2) I am recording my daily online activites for sharing with team members (compiling content for misc sites) (3) I also am doing quite well with LeadsLeap2.0 (launched February 2016) and they also use blogging, text ads in their SYSTEM that sends only 1 email daily. (4) (2019) Started with MyLeadGen Secret... All of the above and much more COMING SOON! This is the SEASON that I give back what I have learned... What can others expect if they work with me? I do check my email and Skype on a regular basis and am always happy to respond within 24 hours. . Need some info about some aspect of marketing? At this time any info I provide is FREE until such time that this information is compiled, edited and formatted for an e-product or a membership site. . In Your Best Interests, Robert D Smith . Skype: rdsmithco

01-19-2019 06:01:59 PM

What do know about this?

I just got started with this program with a built in lead delivery and mailing system. 

These are supposed to be high quality buyer

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Leonard Arsenault (CreateFreedomLifestyles)

I Love Helping People Create Freedom Lifestyles by Helping Them Develop Multiple Streams of Income!

Wishing you all the best,

Leonard Arsenault

01-02-2019 05:01:52 AM

How to THINK and Grow POOR! --- Why 99% of Entrepreneurs Are Doing This?

A thoughtful and provocative story.

You are familiar with the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.

It's one of the best books on success ever

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Bryan Quickprofits (quickprofits)

When it comes to sales, there’s a saying
about being a ‘product of the product’.

Get 6,000 to 10,000 Premium Daily Visitors
Are you tired of the endless struggle to get
visitors to your website or affiliate link?

Introducing our brand-new Top 10 traffic
Sources We're excited to share that you

can now enjoy a surge of 6,000 to 10,000
premium daily visitors to your website!
Go To ==>

04-06-2024 12:04:30 PM

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Living Room Accessories

Welcome to our ultimate guide for selecting the perfect living room accessories that will transform your space into a cozy and stylish haven. Your living room is the heart of your home, and the

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04-03-2024 08:04:23 PM

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Living Room Accessories

Welcome to our ultimate guide for selecting the perfect living room accessories that will transform your space into a cozy and stylish haven. Your living room is the heart of your home,

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Sonia Mason (Soinma67)

I am a very understanding person who likes to keep things simple. I believe in honesty, integrity and transparency. My favorite saying is "I am too blessed to be stressed."

06-14-2020 09:06:55 PM

It All Begins With Just $2

Join me here:

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